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Fire Proofing

Protecting a building or structure from collapse or catastrophic failure during a fire is serious business. WIC is one of the leading applicators of cementitious, fibrous, intumescent mastic and epoxy fireproofing materials — providing a formidable last line of defense fire rating of up to four hours. The products we install meet or exceed the most stringent specifications and codes for all fireproofing applications. WIC offers certified and proven products such as:


Removable Soft Pads

William Insulation Company has a wide variety of materials and accessory items for removable soft pad fabrications. WIC is very knowledgeable in temperature limitations and chemical compatibilities, and WIC works very closely with our customers to design a removable product. For easy access for daily operations, we will provide you with fast delivery with our mobile shops that can easily provide on-site service at your project.

Some of the most common uses of fireproofing systems include vessel skirts, tank supports, legs and critical structural steel members. WIC provides first-time installations, as well as maintenance upgrading and repair of deteriorated or fire-damaged systems. For field-applied fireproofing and structural repairs, we have the expertise to offer turn-key construction in a variety of industrial and heavy commercial environments.


Steam Tracing

With a temperature-critical process, steam tracing is just as vital as insulation! WIC provides clients with extensive experience in all kinds of steam tracing applications — 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" copper and stainless tubing, pretubing and maintenance, just to name a few. Our experience has landed us in emergency freeze-up repair and thawing techniques that has saved our clients unnecessary expenditures and given them peace of mind. WIC's skilled hands have installed thousands of feet of steam tracing, putting us and our clients at the top of the industry.

Electrical Heat Tracing

William Insulation Company is ready to meet your heat tracing needs. We partner with AccuTherm and Hotfoil to provide heat tracing for pipes and / or pad heating systems for tanks. WIC offers thermal evaluation, heating system component sales, and installation. Heating systems are installed pig-tailed to permit easy termination by your electrician. Single-sourcing the installation of heat tracing and thermal insulation with WIC results in reduced mobilization costs, fewer contractors at site, improved scheduling and superior quality.

Additional Services Include

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