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The Leading Industrial Insulation Provider in the Central United States

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Serving the Industrial Insulation and Fire Proofing Market for Over 35 Years

William Insulation Company has become one of the leading industrial insulation contractors by providing efficiency for every client on every project. Customers turn to us not only because we've built a wealth of expertise after over 35 years in the business, but also because we view ourselves as a part of their team. We have the most experienced team of superintendents, estimators and highly skilled and thoroughly trained labor available. We want to use every bit of our skill and experience to make sure your company operates as efficiently as possible.

We work with a variety of industries, including mining, power, petroleum, refining, cold storage, food processing, asphalt processing, and natural gas processing. No matter who we are working with, safety is always our number one commitment.

Experience and skill — what does that mean? Simply that we can get the job done faster with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Given our many years in the business, we've developed considerable expertise in insulation theory, as well as practical application. We've seen practically every application under the sun, and we are here should you have questions about your particular application. We can help you find the perfect product to balance performance and cost so that you actually see a gain in efficiency.

We will generate accurate estimates, including detailed scope of work and precise scheduling for job site managers. WIC can quickly produce alternates to aid in the decision making process, and we maintain a special department for the sole purpose of developing new techniques and applications for insulation projects. Ultimately, our customers benefit from the knowledge generated in our research.

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Products and Services

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Industrial Insulation

Industrial Insulation

  • WIC is the leading industrial insulation provider in the central United States — serving you west of the Mississippi — and we are ready to help you complete your next insulation project on-time and on-budget. We use trouble-free installation and maintenance for all your insulation needs.

  • We are specifically suited to the intense demands of our industrial customers:

    • Unexpected Shutdowns
    • Scheduled Shutdowns
    • 24/7 On-call Capabilities
    • Holiday Maintenance
    • Qualified Craftsmen
    • Professional Office Help
    • A Fleet of Trucks and Shop Trailers, Plus our own Man Lifts and Equipment to Serve our Clients

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Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing

  • Protecting a building or structure from collapse or catastrophic failure during a fire is serious business. WIC is one of the leading applicators of cementitious, fibrous, intumescent mastic and epoxy fireproofing materials — providing a formidable last line of defense fire rating of up to four hours. The products we install meet or exceed the most stringent specifications and codes for all fireproofing applications. WIC offers certified and proven products such as:

    • Carboline-241 Concreation Applications
    • 3M Silicone RTV Foam
    • Mandoyal Vermiculite Products
    • Metachaulk Fire Stop and a wide range of Fire Blk.
    • 241 HD

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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Abatement

  • All members of WIC's asbestos team are trained at a supervisor level and held to a strict code of ethics.

  • Every team member involved in removal is trained as per OSHA, NESHAP, DOT, and accredited in the specific state in which any said operation is executed.

  • WIC does asbestos removal from commercial and industrial sites with safety leading the way on every operation.

  • In addition to large scale operations The asbestos team also uses glove bags for more suitable applications. Glove bags come in a variety of application and sizes including, extended run, single, high temp, vertical and horizontal.

  • Glove bagging is the safest known removal method in the industry.

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Removable Soft Pads

Removable Soft Pads

  • William Insulation Company has a wide variety of materials and accessory items for removable soft pad fabrications. WIC is very knowledgeable in temperature limitations and chemical compatibilities, and WIC works very closely with our customers to design a removable product. For easy access for daily operations, we will provide you with fast delivery with our mobile shops that can easily provide on-site service at your project.

  • Some of the most common uses of fireproofing systems include vessel skirts, tank supports, legs and critical structural steel members. WIC provides first-time installations, as well as maintenance upgrading and repair of deteriorated or fire-damaged systems. For field-applied fireproofing and structural repairs, we have the expertise to offer turn-key construction in a variety of industrial and heavy commercial environments.

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Steam Tracing

Steam Tracing

  • With a temperature-critical process, steam tracing is just as vital as insulation! WIC provides clients with extensive experience in all kinds of steam tracing applications — 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" copper and stainless tubing, pretubing and maintenance, just to name a few. Our experience has landed us in emergency freeze-up repair and thawing techniques that has saved our clients unnecessary expenditures and given them peace of mind. WIC's skilled hands have installed thousands of feet of steam tracing, putting us and our clients at the top of the industry.



  • William Insulation Company is a certified scaffold builder. This certification covers tube-and-clamp system scaffolding, as well as frame scaffolding. We rent and install contour modular system scaffolding for a number of industries in the Mountain State region, and our clients can trust that the scaffolding will be assembled according to the manufacturer's plans. We have certified employees in this type of scaffolding, and we follow OSHA 1926 Sublet Part 451 Scaffold Standards.

  • System Scaffold Advantages:
    • Erects Quickly and Easily
    • All Components Are Remeasured
    • Hot-Dipped, Galvanized
    • Conforms to Any Angle or Curve
    • Rigid and Safe
    • Can Be Used in Conjunction With Tube-and-Clamp Scaffolding
    • Maintenance-Free
  • Call our trained and certified personnel for a free quote on scaffolding, or a combination of insulation and scaffolding.
    • Specialize in the industrial and heavy commercial markets
    • Apply light-, medium- and high-density cementitious and fibrous asbestos-free fireproofing materials
    • Install intumescent mastic and epoxy fireproofing materials to meet the needs of refining and chemical facilities
    • Provide exterior materials for all-weather exposure
    • Apply acoustical / thermal insulation for high noise reduction or to achieve the specified thermal R-value
    • Offer custom installation of preformed fireproofing panels
    • Provide shop-applied systems for schedule-sensitive projects
    • Offer professional assistance with the selection of appropriate underwriters

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Electrical Heat Tracing

Electrical Heat Tracing

  • William Insulation Company is ready to meet your heat tracing needs. We partner with AccuTherm and Hotfoil to provide heat tracing for pipes and / or pad heating systems for tanks. WIC offers thermal evaluation, heating system component sales, and installation. Heating systems are installed pig-tailed to permit easy termination by your electrician. Single-sourcing the installation of heat tracing and thermal insulation with WIC results in reduced mobilization costs, fewer contractors at site, improved scheduling and superior quality.


WIC Targets Safety

Safety is the cornerstone of our operations. It is the policy of William Insulation Company to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all of our employees and for all individuals on or near our projects, and to abide by all safety regulations as they pertain to our industry.

Our shared goal from upper management down to every last employee is simple - "Target Zero -No Accidents". We measure our safety success through employee involvement, statistical data, project inspections, and award recognition. We encourage all employees to be part of our safety team by reporting near-miss incidents, unsafe acts or conditions, or any potential hazards.

William Insulation Company (WIC) is committed to conducting operations in a way that protects people, property, communities, and the environment. WIC believes all injuries, occupational illnesses, and unpermitted discharges or releases to the environment are preventable. Implementing this core value requires the full cooperation of each employee, from upper management to field employees. Health, safety, and environmental compliance are more important than profits or work schedule commitments.

WIC’s Corporate Safety Department develops individual ES&H Plans for each project that addresses general safety, health, and environmental requirements and procedures. Site Specific Health and Safety Plans (SSHASPS) may be developed based upon site-specific conditions and contaminants of concern (COC) and as needed for specific operations.

The purpose of these ES&H Plans is to provide for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards associated with various tasks. The level of detail in these ES&H Plans is general to the type of work to be performed, complexity of operations, and anticipated hazards.

When your project involves William Insulation Company, you will know you are working with the safest institution crews in the industry — safety is the cornerstone of our commitment to you. WIC is proud of our programs that educate the skills, proper methods and safe work habits that meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Our reputation for safety and quality is unmatched, from daily toolbox talks to weekly safety meetings. We demand accountability and have zero tolerance for unsafe conditions and work practices. Preventing injuries, illnesses and incidents are our valued business practices.

We are hands-on and proactive when it comes to creating safe workplaces for all employees. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and they deserve the right to a safe work environment.

William Insulation Company is a member of the following safety certification and qualification programs:

  • PEC/Safeland
  • PICS
  • ISNetworld
  • Wyoming/Montana Safety Council
  • Anadarko Cap Program
  • MSHA Training
  • Asbestos Supervisor Training
  • Osha 10
  • Osha 30
  • Osha 510
  • Osha 500
  • DISA
  • "Browz" Network
  • S.A.M.

Target Zero - No Accidents

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Practicing Safety, Quality, and Productivity is Building Integrity


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